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Overton Featured in GolfWeek

Sep 28, 2010

By Jim McCabe, GolfWeek – Several blocks into his casual role of tour guide, Jeff Overton
realized his gaffe along College Avenue. “I should have let him in,
shouldn’t I?”

In other parts of the country, ignoring a driver’s bid to enter the
flow hardly would register. But here in the shadows of State U, where
people still wait at crosswalks for the light to turn, Overton
understood his action worked against the very fabric of what keeps him

“This is home,” Overton said. “Everything I need is right here. I can be a normal person.”

Normal does not describe, however, Overton’s ascension in golf. It is
a success story rooted not in meteoric AJGA success but rather a
willingness to work until the last drop of sunlight is squeezed from the

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Reprinted with permission from Golfweek (Sept. 17, 2010 issue).