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..Ready to get the most out of your golf game?

By joining you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits that make playing the game more enjoyable than ever. Returning member? Welcome back!

This membership is valued at over $70, but available online for $39.95, there’s simply is no better value in Hoosier golf.

Follow the easy steps below to join or renew your membership. Upon completion of the registration process, you’ll receive a follow-up e-mail with details about your membership. Just click below to get started!

1. The rate for online membership at any of the participating clubs is  $39.95.  This membership opportunity is open to new members and renewals.

2. The membership is based on the active golf season. New memberships or renewals made on/after October 7, 2022, will expire on December 31st, 2023.

3. To renew membership and retain your handicap records, please log in using your existing Indiana Golf number/email on account and password.

4. Use the IGA Club Finder to elect your home course. You can search by city, zip code, and use the filters to select what course is right for you.  

Please note that this membership only guarantees you that your  Handicap Index® is “housed” at this facility. Any additional access, you will need to contact the course directly.

Once you select and register for a “home club” you cannot change your club affiliation unless you register and pay for a second membership. Should you join a club with handicap privileges included in your membership, you may be eligible for a partial refund of your online fee. You will be asked for details of your new club membership. Contact the Golf Office for inquiries. 317-739-3023.

5. Click Join and follow the prompts including becoming a new member or renewing your membership. (If renewing, you can find your member number is any of the IG newsletters you have received from us)

6. Provide payment information. AmEx, Mastercard, Discover, and Visa are accepted.

7. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive an email stating that your registration has been received. That email will contain your login information for your online Indiana Golf account. If you do not receive that email, contact Brady Sharkey at 317-739-3023 or the contact us page.