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Morgan Nadaline Named 62nd Girl’s State Junior Champion

Jun 22, 2012

Franklin, Ind. – “I was definitely nervous because the match was so back and forth,” said Morgan Nadaline, after winning her final match against Erin Ingram at the 62nd Girl’s State Junior Championship at Hillview Country Club in Franklin. 

The match was in Nadaline’s control for most of the day, until hole 15 when Ingram was able to square things up. With three holes to play, Nadaline knew she needed to take back the match that was rightfully hers early on. 
With a birdie on 17, Nadaline was one-up going into their last hole. Both players split the fairway on their drives, and laid up to around 100 yards for their third shots on the par 5 number 18. Nadaline knocked her ball to five feet, and Ingram put hers to twenty feet below the hole. With a two-putt par for Ingram, and an easy two-putt for Nadaline, Nadaline finished 1 up through 18 holes. 
“I’ve known Morgan since I was 10 and I’ve played some of my best rounds with her,” said Ingram. Last year Nadaline was named the Junior Player of the Year, and she proved this title true, as she defeated players one-by-one. 
Other winners included: Maggie Rees (1st Flight), Mary Shipley (2nd Flight), Erin Bundy (3rd Flight), Kelly James (4th Flight), Maryn Hamilton (5th Flight).