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Brad Fellers’ 6 Hour Practice Plan

Apr 24, 2014

Our 2014 Indiana PGA Teacher of the Year, Brad Fellers of The Fort GC, shares his 6 Hour Practice Plan with us! Find a specific drill he teaches (The Ruler Drill) in the first issue of our new magazine iGolf Indiana.


Practice Cycle:
The practice cycle includes 6 hours of time in
the practice areas. It encompasses all
aspects of the game and the practice routines, drills, etc that will be used on
the course.

The 6 hours are
broken into the following time allocations:

Putting – 1 Hour Short Game – 2 Hours

Routine – 1 Hour Full Swing – 2 Hours

You should
complete 1 full practice cycle for every 3 times you play golf on the
course. It is crucial to your success to
balance time on the course with your time in the practice areas.

Putting: (One hour of time each
cycle). Putting is broken into 4
parts. Each part is equally
important. Take enough time to complete
each drill. To do all the drills it will
take more than 1 hour so rotate through the drills when you work on putting.

Ladder Drill: Step 1 – Make 20 in a row from 3
feet. If you miss – start over.

2 – Make 9/10 from 6 feet. If you miss
more than 1 – start over.

3 – Make 5/10 from 10 feet. If you miss
more than 5 –start over.

If the drill becomes easy, when you start over
in any step – go back to step #1.
Purpose is to create pressure and build confidence.

Ruler Drill: Using the yellow ruler (3 foot metal
lowes ruler) – roll 10 balls off the ruler without them falling off. Do this for straight putts, left to right
putts and right to left putts. If you
don’t get to 10 in a row, start over. Purpose
is to work on putter face control.

Connect Tees: Place tees every 2 steps across the green
from 6 feet to 36 feet. Roll 1 putt to a
tee then the next and so on. Focus on
keeping the same timing (1 second to the hit) for every distance. Work from closest to farthest, then farthest
to closest. Should be able to hit to
each tee without missing to complete the drill