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Ten Years Ago, Camp Changed My Life

Dec 24, 2015

A few weeks ago, Gongaware Indiana Junior Golf Academy Instructor, Roger Lundy received a letter from former camper, JoJo Gentry of Anderson.  Gentry attended camp ten years ago and wanted to let Lundy know that camp changed her life.
Gentry attended camp for three summers, along with her twin sister Jill.  When Gentry was 13 years-old, she swung a golf club for the first time with Lundy, and a few days later she played her first nine-hole round.
“I remember coming off the course feeling exhausted with blisters on my hands and feet, which felt unbearable at the time,” said Gentry.  “However, I went to bed that night feeling eager to get back out there and do it all over again with the new friends I had made.  From then on, there was no place I’d rather be during my off time than the golf course.”
Gentry went on to play golf at Lapel High School and attended camp with her high school teammates. 
“After spending a few days at camp with my teammates, we began to set goals to break school records,” Gentry said.  “In the next two years that I was a part of the team, we broke every Lapel Girl’s Golf record ever set.”
After graduating from Lapel, Gentry attended Butler University and was a member of the Women’s Golf Team.  She attributes her successful collegiate career to her time spent at Gongaware.

“At Gongaware I learned the foundation of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the game, which helped me develop my routines and playing style,” said Gentry.  “Golf became a lifestyle for me.  Staying positive, balanced and focused are keys to finding success on the golf course and in life.”
Gentry is now a Weekend Sports Anchor/Reporter at WEVV-TV 44News in Evansville, a dream she had had since she was ten years-old.
“I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was a l