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Spicuzza Wins First IGA Event

Jul 27, 2012

Camby, Ind. – Indianapolis’s Matt Spicuzza started off the week with a one-under par 71 to claim the number 4 seed heading into day two at the IGA Match Play Championship at Heartland Crossing Golf Course. Spicuzza knocked out players one by one, including the number 2 seed, Joe Gasser, this morning. 

Gasser took an early lead after winning the par 3, 2nd hole, but Spicuzza was able to get one back on the par 3, 5th, by sinking a fifteen foot birdie putt from the fringe. 
On the par 4, 7th, Spicuzza took his first lead of the day after sinking another birdie putt. 
Then on the par 4, 8th, Gasser sunk a thirty-foot birdie putt to square things up. 
“It was intense and we were back and forth the whole time,” said Spicuzza. “He had me down in the beginning and it could have gone either way at the turn,” he added. 
Both players birdied hole 10 and pared 11 to keep things all square. 
On the par 4, 12th, Spicuzza took his second 1-up lead of the day, with another converted birdie putt. 
Both Spicuzza and Gasser pared the remaining five holes, which was enough for Spicuzza to keep his 1-up lead, deeming him the winner of match play. 
“The 12th hole was a pivotal point for me,” said Spicuzza. “I went one up and we both played well from there on out.” 
This win marks Spicuzza’s first at an IGA event. 
Gasser, a senior at Ball State, also had an impressive tournament. Both players finished under par this morning, but Gasser just fell short. 
“I actually played pretty well,” said Gasser. “I struggled a little down the stretch and had to grind for halves. It’s a good feeling to finish runner-up, but I am a little disappointed that I didn’t win. Matt played great though, and I couldn’t have asked for a better match,” he added. 
Spicuzza and Gasser have been invited to play in the IGA PGA Challenge Cup next Thurs