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Gordie Rees Recieves the Wagoner Award

Nov 3, 2012

The Clifford E. Wagoner Memorial Award is presented each year to an amateur golfer who possesses outstanding sportsmanship and high character similar to that of Mr. Clifford Wagoner.
This year’s recipient is Gordie Rees. 

Rees is a life-long resident of Albany, Ind. and has worked in Postal Service for the past 34 years. Rees’s commitment to the Indiana Golf Association’s Events, his many successes, and his inspiring personality has earned him this honor. Rees has won 27 Club Championships, the ’98 Indiana Mid-Amateur Championship, the ’99 Indianapolis Amateur Championship, and the 2007 Indiana Senior Open Championship. Rees was also participant in the USGA Mid-Amateur Championship in 2000, and he has played in the IGA PGA Challenge Cup four times. 
“This really means a lot to me,” said Rees. “There were a lot of other guys who were just as deserving as me and I am truly honored. I’ve played in these events for years and have met so many special people. When I am playing well my fellow competitors root for me and I root for them because we like to see each other succeed,” Rees added. 
During his 2012 season, Rees won the Indiana PGA Monticello Open in the Senior Amateur Division and had five top ten finishes.